Your phone is your coach

Do you need motivation for losing weight? Calories In-Out™ will motivate you every day and show you the most important knowledge what you need to achieve your goal. Losing weight doesn't has to be difficult. This automated app helps you in easy way. Do you know your balance, between consumed and burned calories? This app will tell you. How long have you been sitting or what is your daily activity profile? Download now!


Professionals think that in managing/losing weight or overall health it's far more important how you use those 23 hours a day when you are not exercising at the gym or making your cardio training. Daily physical activity or inactivity are the key points to lose weight, weight management and overall health. Try it out! It's free and easy. No extra gadgets, just phone.

No gadgets, just phone

Sensorfit Activity Tracker app let you choose your target between couch potato and athlete. After this you just put your phone in your pocket and everything will happen automatically. You will get real time information how much activity you have done daily and weekly basis. You also get tips what you should do to get results and forecast about what your level is going to be at the end of the day. It's that simple and fun! Download now!  With subscription feature you can try Activity Tracker 1 week for free!

Start today

Even if you're not a regular exerciser, it doesn't mean you're not doing enough to stay fit. Every activity counts. Wanna know how many calories you burn in your way to work or when cleaning the house? And how much that contributes to your health? You may be surprised!

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